150x300 Cutting area
150 watt glass tube
Grill with built-in blades

 150×300 cutting area
 Machined steel unibody body with special ergonomic design.
 RUIDA LASER WORKS control card and installation program.
 Downloading data from USB memory
 150W co2 laser glass tube
 High speed data processing
 Pause during operation
 continue where you left off
 Ability to start from where it left off in case of power cut.
 Cutting head automatic air cooling
 Emergency stops, work stop, warning message feature from the panel.
 Water cooling unit fault status notification.
 Y axis 8 nm motor driven 5m timing belt
 X axis 3 nm motor driven 3m timing belt
 Anodized durable laser cutting table
 Air intake fans
 Paint with electrostatic oven.